The Great City Of Ulgur

Sometimes you find yourself staring over the edge of a cliff, wondering whether or not you should jump off. There may be something interesting at the bottom. Or there could be nothing.

That is where I am right now. Unfortunately for me, there's certainly only the latter. Below me is the infinite abyss and behind me is the great city of Ulgur. There's nowhere to run. I can hear them coming.

I guess there is no other choice. I walk a few steps back from the ledge. I turn and run at full sprint towards the steep drop. I reach the edge and push off as hard as I can. I leap.

I land hard on the other side and scrape against the floor. The steel tiles are cold beneath my face. I lie still for a second, but I feel the vibrations getting stronger. They are getting closer.

I scramble to my feet and turn away from Ulgur. Away from my wife, my children. Away from the emperor who trusted me, but now lies dead on the carpet in his office. My hands are soaked with his blood.

I stumble as I cross the oily rivers of the metallic meadow. One of the nearby farmers looks at me confused. I notice that they are Solarian, a humanoid of gold; One of the emperors' creations. I keep running.

I travel for many days. Each night, I have to sleep. They do not. They are looking for me and they will soon find me. It is not far to the borders of the Empiric State, however, and I may be able to escape before their jurisdiction ends.

One the fifth day, I see the telltale aberrations. The shadows at the edges of my visions. The slight looks from passersby. That feeling of being watched. I will not reach the border. I know it.

Another day passes. I did not sleep. They would have caught me if I had rested. I see the border in the distance. The glinting copper spires of Irik shine bright in the distance, beyond the border. I may yet make it.

I arrive at the border. There are no guards, as expected. I had the emperor remove them not long ago. Perhaps I knew, even then, what would need to be done. They are behind me. I take a step.

I place my foot on the other side of the border. They scream for me to stop, but I do not. They tell me to come back to the emperor, but I cannot. I fall into the abyss, never to see the light again.

All hail the emperor.